What problem should notice when choosing Wholesale Mink Lash?

What problem should notice when choosing Wholesale Mink Lash?

Wholesale Mink is the most popular source of eyelashes, not only because of its soft texture, but also because it shows off the elegance of girls.

The shape of each person’s eyes is different, according to their own situation to choose their own Wholesale Mink Eyelashes is the pursuit of beauty of every girl must have skills,

today we focus on what problems that the girls with small eyes should pay attention to.

eyelashes vendor DJ143
eyelashes vendor DJ143

Applying Luxury Mink Lashes on small eyes is a challenge, not only Mink Lashes are usually too big to wear, but also frustrated to blend two layers of lashes together for a natural look.

Luckily, It not necessary to be in this case if you follow the below tips:

1. Mascara is a must-have about Wholesale Mink

Obviously, no one wants to be recognized wearing Cheap Mink Eyelashes, mascara is a great invention to stop the hustle, and helps your natural eyelashes and False Eyelashes blend together.

Be careful here, adding too much mascara will cause bad gunky finish.   

However, in order to make it more convenient and save time, our company also produces Eyelash Glue Eyeliner, which can act as both a pencil and glue.

3d minkllashes vendor DJ118
3d minkllashes vendor DJ118

2. Trim to best fit for Wholesale Mink

When your eyes are small, most mink lashes are way big. Time to customize ourselves! Keep in mind to cut from the outer corner instead of the inner corner, and you could try wearing them at 2/3 eyelid to help enlarge your eye shape glamorously.

Fortunately, there are some brands do notice this problem for a certain group of consumers, if you dig deep enough, probably will find a couple’s brands offer designing small eyelashes.

3. Proper glue last longer

Eyelash Glue is the key to whole eye makeup. Since the glue directly attaches to our skin, need to be careful to choose the trusted big brands.

wholesale 3d eyelashes DJ24
wholesale 3d eyelashes DJ24

Same as mascara, if applying not enough glue, Mink Eyelashes will be loosed up, on the other hand, it will cause Messy Lashes and hard to take off if adding too much glue.

The way to overcome is through more practice, eventually, you find the code.

4. Adhesive eyeliner after

Adhesive eyeliner pen has the magic power which instantly enlarges your eyes perfectly.

The additional benefits of eyeliner are fill in the gap between Natural lashes and false lash by not letting your lash strip so obvious.

Now you have got all the tricks and ready to shine! Kissed Lashes is one leading Wholesale Lashes Vendor in China.

wholesale cheap 3d mink eyelashes DJ54
wholesale cheap 3d mink eyelashes DJ54

Check our website for hundreds of quality 3D Mink Lashes options now! Either you are a lash business owner or a lash consumer, you could find the right strip lashes here.

Welcome our clients all around the world!

Let me guess, you must be seeing quite some girls wearing mink lashes to enhance their eye look, and feeling quite encouraged to choose one of yours.

Before we jump into the purchase, it is very important that your questions are answered so you would be happy with the purchase.

Here following are the 3 most common questions that you have about the mink lashes.

Do you know what is the wholesale mink lashes?

1. What is mink lashes?

Mink Lashes are known from the name, taking from the fur of mink. Since it is a real hair, mink lashes last much longer than other types of man-made false eyelashes, with additional advantages such as light-weighted, meanwhile keep soft.

Even mink lashes labeled up to $30 for one pair, it doesn’t affect they are the most popular eyelashes.

mink eyelashes vendorDJ111
Mink Eyelashes Vendor DJ111

2. What style is fit for me?

There are many brands on the market for mink eyelashes, it’s worth to invest some time to review and study. Browsing other consumer’s reviews on the product page.

The real trick comes from picking for your eye shape, and what effect you want to reach. Classic eyelashes are for natural-looking beginners if you don’t want to be a drama.

Once you get along well with faux lashes, more and more girls like dramatic volume look by 25MM Mink Lashes.  As for eye shape, there are round eyes, hooded eyes, almond eyes.

Wholesale marble lashes packaging
Wholesale marble lashes packaging

For hooded eyes, we can emphasize you are natural shape by long lashes in the center.

Rounded eyes are amazing big eyes! Avoiding thick false lashes, wispy and winged eyelashes are a good choices. Almond eyes are the most common shape, and perfectly to create cat-eye, even better you have no restrictions on length and volume.

3. How to wear them correctly?

Simply remember the below steps:


Tool: eyelash glue, tweezer, mascara

wholesale colored mink lashes CD98
wholesale colored mink lashes CD98

Take out mink lashes from the package by tweezer, grabbing the band. Keep in mind picking from the band not hair, or it will cause damage to lashes.

Then roll the eyelashes to relax a little bit. Compare your eye shape with mink lashes, you can cut from the outer corner. Now we are ready to put on lashes just one more step-adding glue.

Apply the proper amount of glue on the band, then wait for 30-60 seconds. Tap closer with your Natural Eyelashes and Best Mink Lashes by hand or tweezer.

Finally adding mascara will help two layers blend even better.

Where to buy cheap wholesale mink lashes?

Of course. We can simply think of Good Cheap Lashes as good quality eyelashes with a affordable price. 

Essentially it’s not so simple to define. Cheap lashes, of course, don’t mean bad, low-quality lashes.

eyelash glue eyeliner pen
eyelash glue eyeliner pen

Although the price we offer is very low, it does not affect the high quality products we produce.

Because our raw materials are carefully selected, and only the best quality mink tail hair can be used for Luxury Mink Lashes.

We are only committed to the production of high quality and noble Luxury Eyelashes.

What is cheap in most people’s eyes is often of poor quality.

However, we can guarantee that the lashes we introduce to you today are all high quality, noble and luxurious lashes.

wholesale purple eyelash applicators
wholesale purple eyelash applicators

It is important for every eyelash buyer that the wholesale price is lower than the retail price, but the quality is very high.

The Best 3D Mink Eyelashes in the world are made in China.

There are many eyelash producers in the world, most of which are in developing countries. If your Eyelash Vendor is located in Qingdao, China, then that must be a good place for Lashes Wholesale.

Qingdao is the birthplace and origin of eyelashes, where there are thousands of eyelashes enterprises which have long developmental history, mature technology, inexpensive price and high quality lashes.

inner factory
inner factory

Cheap Bulk Lashes are the favorite of most eyelash buyers. Why?

Because Bulk Eyelashes are always affordable to most small business owners.

Not only that, they are of very good quality.

In other words, buying our lashes from Wholesale Lashes Vendors can always be more profitable.

Compared with other eyelash vendors, we will also provide the following facilities to help you start your eyelash business smoothly.

Free eyelash samples. (Please see the following for details.)


A low price.

High quality eyelashes.

Design eyelash box for free.

Fast transportation.

Complete after-sales service.

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