Why choose wholesale mink false lashes?

Hey girls, are you looking for a Luxury Eyelash look? If you want to start an eyelash business, you first need to know a lot about wholesale mink false lashes. 

And have no idea how to start? Well, you can get a luxury appearance with applying false lashes. Then how to apply Faux Eyelashes Wholesale? Here are some guides for beginners. 

3D mink eyelashes wholesale
3D mink eyelashes wholesale

1. Curl your natural lashes

Usually, your Natural Mink Lashes are downward, if you want to have your Wholesale Mink Faux Lashes and natural lashes are blended well, make sure you curl in advance. Also, your lashes would be lifting with a glamorous look after curling. 

eyelash glue eyeliner pen
eyelash glue eyeliner pen

2. Adding mascara

Applying mascara will enrich the eye look. Just be careful that don’t put on an eyelash when your mascara is soaking wet. Otherwise, Your eyelashes will be tacky since the eyelashes glue and mascara will be mixed together. Make sure to wait like 30 seconds for the mascara to dry.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM08
5D Mink Lashes wholesale

3. Roll the Wholesale Mink Faux Lashes

For beginners, they simply take out the eyelashes straight to your eyes. The correct way should be rolling and relax the lashes a little in advance to help the lashes better preparing to be trimmed. Don’t consider this step is easy so that you can skip it. On the contrary, this step is crucial for wearing lashes.

Wholesale blue eyelash applicators
Wholesale blue eyelash applicators

4. Compare, and trim your Wholesale Mink False Lashes

Take your false lashes from the tray with a tweezer, Do Not use your bare hand. As eyelashes are too fragile to be damaged or break. Since no Wholesale Mink Faux Lashes are specially made to your eye shape, we need to trim them to fit us perfectly.

white lashes packaging with window
white lashes packaging with window

To begin with, compare your natural and Wholesale Mink Faux Lashes, you can either trim the band or the lashes length if you don’t want them too long. Remember, you can go ahead to cut whatever you think will be a better fit for your eyes.

Just keep in mind cut from the outer edge never on the inner corner. Also, you don’t want any eye-ball poking places as well as flapping, otherwise, it’s not comfortable to wear them.

5. Apply glue, wait, then put on

Investing a good brand eyelash glue is very important. For example DUO, you can purchase on amazon very easily. The glue is directly applied to our skin, deep research is recommended. After that, we can add the right amount of glue on your lash band.

The trick is you need to wait 10-30 seconds for the glue dry up a little bit to put them on. While we are waiting, find a mirror and place it where you can look down and check every detail.

Everything is ready now, you can have the false lashes sit on your true ones by tweezer or hand, it’s really up to you.

Wholesale colored mink lash CD21
Wholesale colored mink lash

6. Give a pinch by hand or other tools

Congratulations! You have successfully put two lashes together. Then we just do the perfection job.

To help two layers of lashes blend together well, you could use a tweezer or even a hand to pinch them from the inner corner to the outer corner. So far so good. Now, we have successfully worn the false lashes.

7.  Apply mascara again

I always encourage people to apply mascara when the Mink Faux Lashes are successfully put on. Mascara does have many advantages for example it could add volume on the fake lashes, better secure false lashes, and Mink Natural Lashes.

Pill shape eyelash packing box
Pill shape eyelash packing box

Now we have complete all the necessary steps. Yeah! While you enjoy the glamorous look, I recommended you take an eyelash glue in your purse in case there is a lash accident.

And I am not going to pretend this is very simple.

As an eyelashes beginner, you might find the process is extremely frustrating, keep in mind, that’s absolutely normal, with more practice, you will be more comfortable and quicker to wear false lashes.

mink lashes vendor Kissed Lashes Banner
mink lashes vendor Kissed Lashes

Kissed Lashes is one leading wholesale mink lashes and Wholesale Eyelash Vendor in China for more than 20 years.

We offer a variety of popular Faux Lashes such as 3D Mink Lashes, faux mink lashes, silk lashes at most competitive factory prices.

If you have any questions or inquires, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome to visit our factory!

Why choose our wholesale mink false lashes ?

First, each pair of eyelashes produced by our company is very fluffy, which is due to the 3D effect created by our physical high-temperature technology.

Second, our eyelashes are very soft and very comfortable to wear because the 3D Mink Lashes Strips are made of cotton.

The third, eyelash looks very realistic.

Fourth, they are fascinating and amazing.

wholesale rose gold eyelash curlers
wholesale rose gold eyelash curlers

Fifth, they are deluxe and luxury.

Sixth, we have our own unique team of designers.

Seventh, They are very easy to wear, and suitable for personal makeup.

Would you like to know the price of our eyelashes?

The price of our eyelashes is the most competitive. If you believe in our products, please offer us an opportunity to cooperate. As long as you buy more, then the price of lashes will be lower.

The 25 MM Mink Eyelash price of different design can have certain difference. Our company sells the most comprehensive Cheap Mink Lashes product on the market. Next, we will introduce five types of TOP Luxury Eyelashes to you.

wholesale holographic eyelash scissors
wholesale holographic eyelash scissors

First of all, Mink Lashes can be divided into three types according to different lengths.

The first is the 13-18mm Natural Lashes. The price of this lashes is only $3 per pair.

The second is the 20mm Dramatic Mink Lashes, which cost around $4 per pair.

Finally, the third lashes, which are the longest, are called the Long Dramatic Mink Lashes, which are the most popular, and cost $5 per pair.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM10A
5D Mink Lashes wholesale

Secondly, let’s introduce Faux Mink Lashes. The price of this kind of lashes can be discussed, and the price we offer is 2 $-3 $.

Of course, the more lashes you buy, we will consider reducing the price for you.

In addition, one of the most popular products in our company is Messy 25mm Mink Lashes.

The price we offer for this type of eyelash is 4 $.

Moreover, Colored Mink Lashes is also recommended for beauty bloggers and buyers to consider.

This style of eyelash is varied, can create a variety of stage effect will definitely give unexpected surprise.

The last thing we want to introduce to you is Colorful Fibre Mink Lashes.

This is definitely a good quality and Affordable Eyelash.

Each pair of eyelashes costs $3

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