What about Wholesale Eyelashes?

I. What do Wholesale Eyelashes mean?

It’s very common to refer to the word “Wholesale” and this word generally turns up in many areas in our daily life, so it’s understandable to know what is Wholesale Eyelashes. 

It means selling lashes in bulk and customers buy lashes in bulk.

And we can know that this is beneficial to both parties in cooperation. For Lashes Wholesalers, carrying out Wholesale Lashes are good for broadening the market and attract a growing number of customers.

3D mink eyelashes wholesale
3D mink eyelashes wholesale

For customers, they can get preferential prices by this means.

If you are interested in carrying out your own lashes business or you need a lot of various lashes, you’d better take up this means, because you can save a lot than the general retail price.

So, you can consider this means if possible and Kissed Lashes are willing to give you some advice.

II. Who do Wholesale Lashes?

As far as history is concerned, the lashes come from the Beijing Opera, which are used to show the expressions of actors clearly and then render the atmosphere of the stage and there are a lot of excellent Lashes Factories and Lashes Vendors from this time.

So coming to China is the best choice for you because you can have more possibilities to choose the best Eyelashes Manufacturer and the world’s best lashes are made in China.

Next, let’s have a concrete introduction about these points, which can make you more confident to choose to come to China.

Wholesale telephone drawer eyelash packaging
Wholesale telephone drawer eyelash packaging

A. Rich experience

In China, there are a lot of Lash Factories and Eyelashes Vendors with rich experience not only in obtaining raw materials, manufacturing but also in the design, packaging, and transportation of lashes, so you can fully believe us for giving you the best services and purchasing experiences.

B. High quality

Lashes Vendors in China put the quality in the first place under no circumstance, so you can use our product trustingly.

And the most important point is that we use the best material to produce lashes and we would not use the bad furs to produce lashes.

Because this is not only waste material but also influences the using experiences of customers,

which is important for Lashes Suppliers to continue to do lashes business and broaden the market of lashes.

C. Cheap

The Lash Vendors will give you the most favorable price as far as possible when you buy lashes in bulk. 

The important reason is that our products are factories outlet and no middlemen pocket the difference, which saves the cost in most degrees for users, for example, Makeup bloggers and so on.

D. Cruelty-free

We collect mink furs in case of avoiding injuring them. As we all know, in the growth process of animals, they will go through a molt.

It’s time to collect hairs. We put the security of animals in first place when we gather mink furs because protecting animals is human responsibility all over the world.

Besides, we are a professional Mink Lashes Wholesale integrating design, research and development, production, and sales, so if you have any requirements, you can contact us at any time.

eyelash glue eyeliner pen
eyelash glue eyeliner pen

III. How to find the appropriate Wholesale Eyelashes Vendors?

A. Come to China

As we have mentioned in the above parts, China is the birthplace of lashes, so there is no doubt that that’s a good choice.

However, in this severe and nervous period, you’d better not come to China for safety. So, what can you do at this time?

Don’t worry! You can make full use of electronic platforms, which can be used for finding Eyelashes Wholesalers located in China and you can also choose to cooperate with us because we can provide you with some precious advice and various lashes.

Believe that we are the best, we will produce more high-quality products.

B. Google

Google may give you the best answer and recommendation, but you still need to spend much time judging and analyzing before the final decision and sample test. 

C. YouTube

A great number of professional lash vendors will show you more lash styles and customized lash boxes and related productions on their YouTube Channels, which can help you to find the appropriate wholesale lash vendors by contrast.


As a very popular social media platform, INS owns tens of thousands of makeup bloggers and small-and-medium sellers, who push a lot of originality and new products to market every day, so you can pay close attention to them and express your intention.

Perhaps they are willing to share their suppliers with you. If not, you can at least acquire some very useful and significant business information.

E. Facebook

Facebook is not only the biggest social media platform in the world but also the biggest competitive place and many outstanding brands are shown and spread and you can make a post for inquiry, which can help you acquire some important information.

Pill shape eyelash packing box
Pill shape eyelash packing box

IV. What can you do about Wholesale Lashes?

A. Be used for makeup artist

As we have seen in our daily life, it’s necessary for many beauty bloggers to use lashes, which can make them look more beautiful and dramatic, thus it’s necessary to purchase lashes in bulk used for taking a video and making themselves up.

B. Be used for sale

Firstly, we have our own lashes factory, so we will give you the most favorable price when you buy lashes in bulk because no middleman pocket the difference. This point is very important.

Secondly, you can sell these lashes that you have bought from us at a higher price to benefit a lot. You can contact us at any time if you want to carry out lashes business.

V. What about Wholesale Lashes Box Vendors?

What is the importance of Lashes Boxes? To be honest, the Eyelashes Boxes play an important role in the sales of lashes because the beautiful packaging can attract more customers in some cases.

We are also the Wholesale Eyelashes Box Vendors, including the design and production of Lashes Boxes based on the requirement of different customers.

Hence, if you want to purchase or customize Lashes Packaging Boxes, you can contact us for further information and we can turn your ideas into reality and help you to start your own lashes business. The followings are the related introductions.

A. The professional design

Our designers are so professional that the ideas of customers can be turned into reality easily. The most important point is that our design is free. And you can see your boxes what you want in the end.

B. Systematic production techniques

We have a complete series of production techniques. The followings are the concrete steps.

 1. Design your eyelashes

2. Knief Version

3. Print the surface of the boxes

4. Laminate the surface of the boxes

5. Gild the boxes

6.Manufacture inner boxes

7. Bind

8. Assemble

9. Clean

10. Package

C.The well-equipped Lashes Factories

Our factory owns the world’s most advanced 3D printers, printing presses, and UV printers. And it comprises design, quality testing, and production teams as well as three automatic production lines, which makes our product quality and the production capacity reach the world’s top level.

Wholesale Messy Mink Lashes
Wholesale Messy Mink Lashes


Putting the quality at first is our principle and philosophy. Only when the quality of production is assured, can the company attract more customers and have long-term development.

F.The cheap and competitive price

Here, let’s have an introduction about how to calculate and decide the price.

1. We charge according to quantity, sizes, materials, techniques, and working hours.

2.  We can reduce the wholesale prices in both cases.

① The more you purchase, the lower the price.
② If you purchase our Lashes and Eyelash Boxes at the same time, we will not only give you a discount but also reduce the wholesale prices of boxes.

If you have an interest in Eyelashes Boxes, please contact us for a competitive price through WhatsApp. We have confidence in making you satisfied.

VI. Can I get some samples to have the first look?

Yes, of course. You can acquire three pairs of lashes samples to wear freely and then you can buy lashes in bulk if you are satisfied with the samples. We firmly believe that our products will bring you a good experience.

And we cooperate with the fastest express company, so you can receive the samples within short times and our workers will send lashes to your hands to make you satisfied.

VII. When I can get the preferential price?

Generally speaking, we often have sales activities in some special periods, which nearly give you the preferential prices. You can ask our workers about whether has sales activities recently when you are interested in our products.

Please remember that don’t forget to ask because our sales activities have a lot and don’t miss them. We are willing to receive your inquiries and we are always here.

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