Who makes 3D Mink Lashes?

1.What is 3D Mink Lashes?

3D Mink Lashes is the major product yielded by Kissed Lashes in China, Qingdao, which is the Mecca of the largest eyelash production.

Real 3D Mink Lashes is a kind of amazing Lashes with 3D effect, which is loved by the majority of consumers. The 3D effect is created by special processing. If you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to read on.

Kissed Lashes is a reliable and comprehensive Mink Lashes Vendors, professional Mink Lashes Vendor, wholesale eyelash factory in china. Our company is high-quality Eyelash Vendors and Wholesale 25mm Mink Lashes USA. Kissed Eyelash Vendors has won the trust and support of thousands of 3D Mink Eyelashes and 25mm Mink Lashes Entrepreneur with fast delivery, quality products, and considerate after-sales service.

mink eyelashes vendorDJ111
mink eyelashes vendorDJ111

2.Where to buy Best 3D Mink Lashes?

There are many eyelash producers in the world, most of which are in developing countries. If your 3D Mink Eyelash Vendors is located in Qingdao, China, then that must be wonderful Lashes Wholesalers.

Qingdao is the birthplace and origin of eyelashes, where there are thousands of eyelashes enterprises which have long developmental history, mature technology, inexpensive price and high-quality lashes.

If your Eyelash Wholesaler is situated at Southeast Asian countries, the quality and style of the eyelash must not be as good as it produced by the factory in China, however, the price is very low because of machine production.

Although they have an advantage in price, it is difficult to guarantee the high quality of eyelashes. Eyelashes made in China can be used for more than 25 times, but once Cheap Eyelashes are washed, they cannot be used again. That is to say, the cost of using such low-priced eyelashes every time is higher than the Mink Lashes.

Wholesale mink lashes DJ58
Wholesale mink lashes DJ58

3.What are characteristics are Luxury 3D Mink Lashes?

 First of all, when it comes to material, our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes are more fluffy and tenacious

which ensures the quality of our eyelashes is not easy to damage and is more firm.

Secondly, the lashes we make are so realistic if they can be worn

and they blend in with the human eye, so as to our Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes can be more effective in showing off women’s attractiveness.

In addition, our eyelashes are made from adult Siberian minks

whose fur in tails are smoother and shinier because the ends of each hair are full and sharp.

Finally, we can guarantee that our eyelashes are cruelty-free because our production workers carefully remove them only during minks’ moulting season.

If you are a vegetarian, then I think you should consider buying our 3D Mink Eyelashes.

4.Why choose us as your 3D Mink Eyelashes Suppliers?

①Unique products created by dedicated designers.

Our designer has been devoting to studying the changes in the market, only in this way can we optimize our eyelash products, so that eyelashes get constant innovation, which makes it easier for people to accept our products.

②The products offered to consumers are produced by the most advanced technology.

After comparison, you can know that other companies use glue technology to create a 3D effect. The 3D effect of our eyelashes is achieved by temperature control.

Chemical changes are often worse for health than physical ones.

③The raw materials we use are of the best quality.

We also strictly pay attention to the selection of raw materials. In that process, we completely choose the hair tip of minks’ fur which is sharp, soft, and fluffy.

It is also illegal to kill wild animals in China. From the point of view of ecological civilization and harmonious development with nature, we do not hunt any wild animals for their hair. So we guarantee that all the lashes we produce and sell are cruelty-free.

④Our company’s service is the best.

Our professional production team has a clear division of labour. We have a professional photographer. It takes about 30min-60min to repair a professional picture. The production, transportation and receipt of products can be handed over to our after-sales team. If there is any problem with the damaged goods, the customer only needs to send pictures and videos to us, and we will send them to you in the next order.

The interior of anWholesale Eyelash factory
The interior of a Wholesale Eyelash factory

5.How can I make an order?

After all, we have a lot of inventory. Each customer can get 3 pairs of free eyelash samples. If you want to get a free sample of eyelashes, you can ask for help by adding WhatsApp. Looking forward to your consultation!

Please browse our website to find your favourite style.

We have three different lashes in length: 13-18mm lashes, 20mm lashes and 25mm lashes.

①Length of lashes

According to the length of the eyelashes, we can divide the eyelashes into 13-18mm, 20mm and 25mm.

②Material of lashes

According to the material of eyelashes, our main products include mink hair eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes, human hair eyelashes and horsehair eyelashes. But eyelashes made of horsehair can feel very hard and not very comfortable to wear. So we choose the best material, which is 100% mink hair for the lashes.

③Persaonl preference of lashes

In terms of the different makeup preferences of each beauty lover, we can also divide eyelashes into Natural Mink Eyelashes, dramatic eyelashes and long dramatic lashes. Of course, we can also produce eyelashes with a length of 25mm or above. We will provide you with eyelashes of any length as long as you need.


④Colour of lashes

Speaking of colour, we have to say that eyelashes can also have different colours. The most common is natural black eyelashes, which are all-natural and have the same colour as human eyelashes. Pure black lashes blend well with the human eye, making them ideal for everyday groomers and eye makeup lovers. The other is coloured eyelashes, which are more suitable for open and relaxed situations.

⑤Different occasions

Under different scenes, we should also pay attention to wearing different styles of eyelashes.

⑴Business eyelash:

The eyelashes applied in the workplace will mostly reflect the charm of businesswomen. Lashes worn for work will be very simple and natural.

⑵Wedding eyelash:

Brides often choose their wedding eyelashes according to their preferences, which will reflect the bride’s happy mood.

⑶The festival eyelash:

If we are attending a party or a festival event, we can choose more personal lashes and colourful lashes are also a good choice.

⑷Stage lashes.

In order to achieve a variety of stage effects, makeup artists will make different styles of different colours of eyelashes for the performers on the stage according to different themes.

⑸Travel lashes.

Most travel lashes will be very comfortable and light, ensuring basic makeup and giving the wearer a clear line of sight without affecting the beautiful view.

⑥The methods of sticking

According to different adhesives and agents, eyelashes can also be divided into glue eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes. Glue eyelashes are mostly on the market. Magnetic eyelash refers to a tiny magnetic block in the eyelash belt, with the help of magnets to adsorb eyelashes. But the drawback is that the magnet will increase the weight of the eyelashes, which can cause eye strain. And the magnetic block is mostly installed on the natural short eyelashes. If used on the long eyelashes, the weight is too large and easy to make the eyelashes fall off.

6.Would you like to know the purpose of our service?

Our company has been committed to the production of high-quality Luxury Mink Eyelashes. If you want to seek very cheap eyelash products, then you can consider other cheap but not guaranteed quality eyelash products.

Trust us, we will provide you with the best quality eyelash products to guarantee your satisfaction.

The quality of products is not the best, only better. Therefore, we will constantly look for the shortcomings of eyelash products, and always optimize them.

Innovation is fundamental, quality is life, pragmatism is the purpose, service is the goal.

7.Which payment method would you like to choose?

All our cooperation is based on international express transportation. We choose the best and most efficient international express company in the world.

For example, our most commonly used FedEx TNT, DHL, in addition, we also have UPS and other express transportation.

As for the delivery time, if you do not customize the product, we will deliver it within 24 hours. Because the countries we choose are the best and most efficient, only in this way can we ensure the safe and efficient delivery of products to customers.

We use a door-to-door approach, so buyers can receive our eyelashes without leaving their homes.

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