Where to find lashes vendors?

What is a lashes vendor?

Suppliers are both rivals and partners in business negotiations. Vendors refer to enterprises and individuals that supply various resources needed by enterprises and their competitors, including raw materials, equipment, energy, labor, etc. Lashes vendors are those who specialize in producing and supplying eyelashes to buyers in bulk.

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors can make you rich and help you start an eyelash business.

Because our Mink Eyelashes are the Affordable Mink Eyelashes, everyone can buy and try our Mink Eyelashes.

If you Start Your Own Mink Eyelash Business, you’ll become the boss, and then you’ll get richer and richer, and your eyelash business will get better and better.

Mink eyelashes are the best in the world.We import mink fur from Siberia.Not all mink hair can be used as raw material.

We select carefully, throw away any damaged parts, and only use the most complete lashes to seek the best lashes.

Messy mink lashes X666
Messy mink lashes X666

Where to find reliable Lashes Vendors?

Look for the history of Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

It is well known that China was the first country in the world to invent and use false eyelashes.

The history of Mink Lashes originated in Peking Opera in China.

At first, False Eyelashes were used for art, but later, they were used for more than art and to give women confidence and attractiveness.

Nowadays, the beauty that will reflect a lady fully with eyelash is more and more popular, and mink skin eyelash becomes one of indispensable things.

China is the world’s largest Lashes vendors base, with numerous eyelash companies and Lashes vendors.

The best 3D Mink Eyelashes in the world are made in China.


Take full advantage of online platforms


It is well known that Google is the largest search engine company in the world.
You can get a very specific and detailed list of Lashes vendors by searching ” Eyelash Wholesale Vendor” via Google.  
If you are interested in this area, please contact us for more information.
For example, we can help you master the skills of talking to an eyelash dealer, help you learn to choose the most popular lash styles and other important things.
telephone paper boxes
telephone paper boxes


YouTube is the largest video site in the world, which has a huge collection of videos posted by Wholesale Lash Vendors.
So you can search directly for wholesale, messy Mink Eyelash Suppliers, and YouTube will give you recommendations for high views and popular videos, as well as lots of ideas on lash styles and boxes.
You can get the best references here.


Facebook is a very famous social media site. You can search for “Chinese eyelash supplier” or “Mink Eyelash Vendors“. We firmly believe that you can learn a lot from it if you’re willing to put in the time.  


As a very popular social media platform, Instagram has tens of thousands of makeup bloggers and small and medium-sized businesses, and a large number of creative ideas and new products are put on the market every day.
That way you can keep an eye on them and express your intentions.
Maybe they’re willing to share their suppliers with you.
If not, you can at least get some very useful and important business information.

What can a reputable eyelash vendor offer you?

1.High – quality, firm, personalized lashes

First, each pair of eyelashes produced by our company is very fluffy, which is due to the 3D effect created by our physical high-temperature technology.

Second, our eyelashes are very soft and very comfortable to wear because the 3D Mink Lashes Strips are made of cotton.

The third, eyelash looks very realistic.

Fourth, they are fascinating and amazing.

Fifth, they are deluxe and luxury.

Sixth, we have our own unique team of designers.

Seventh, They are very easy to wear, and suitable for personal makeup.

2.Affordable eyelashes

We guarantee to provide customers with the best quality eyelash products, we will also give you the most satisfactory price.

3.Healthy, harmless

①Our products are safer than those of other companies.

②After comparison, you can know that other companies use glue technology to create the 3D effect.

③The 3-d effect of our eyelashes is achieved through temperature control. It is common sense that changes in physical properties are often healthier than changes in chemical properties.

1)Strict management and professional team
2)Our factory provide competitive wholesale price
3)Only focus on top grade Luxury Mink Lashes
4)The ability to design new styles lashes
5)High quality about our lashes
6)Huge store
7)Professional designer team
8) Top service
9) Cruelty free
10)Efficient Express
11)Complete after-sales service
wholesale colorful mink eyelash CD78
wholesale colorful mink eyelash CD78

Why choose us as your lashes vendors?

Short-term criteria for selecting vendors include: suitable quality of goods, low price level, timely delivery and good overall service level.

Responsible lashes vendors can often be of great help to customers.

First of all, they will introduce their products very detailed.

Second, they will describe in detail the eyelash production process, including their factory.

Third, in addition to providing eyelashes, good lashes vendors often also provide you with eyelash tools, eyelash boxes, etc.

Last but not least, our company will design the eyelash packing box for customers for free.

A good Wholesale Mink Eyelash can always provide the following conditions for the customer:

1.We have a professional design team.
2.A reliable company can never be without a production team. 
3.Dedicated photographers are the key to producing beautiful, realistic images.
4.The production, transportation and receipt of products can be handed over to our after-sales team.
5. Our company has a very experienced business team.
6. We have special personnel responsible for the storage, packing and delivery of our products.
7.The IT department is certainly an essential part of a perfect eyelash team.

Is there a MOQ about lashes vendors?

If you buy any product from any other lashes vendors, they will always tell you that their minimum order is 20, 30, 40 or more.

However, we will tell you that we do not have a minimum order for our lashes.

In other words, you can buy a pair of eyelashes at our house.

This shows our willingness to work with you, which I’m sure many other noble mink eyelash suppliers can’t do.

We want to reassure all our customers.

Of course, we can not only let you decide to buy the number of eyelashes.

You can also provide free samples of eyelashes.

Read on for more details.

Can I obtain some samples from lashes vendors?

Adhering to the belief that the customer is God, we have been reassuring all customers.

Because we like to let the buyer confirm the product first, which means you can get the eyelash sample for confirmation in advance, and then decide whether to buy our product.

Each customer gets 3 pairs of Free Eyelash Samples.

This is also a great sincerity that we can give you to express our determination to sincerely cooperate with you.

Please trust us and don’t miss our products.

Which express delivery mode can I choose?

All our cooperation is international express shipping. The company has chosen the best and most efficient international express company in the world. 

For example, the most familiar FedEx, TNT, DHL, in addition, we also have UPS and other express delivery. 

As for delivery time, if you don’t have custom products, we will ship them from lashes vendors within 24 hours. 

Because the countries we choose are the best and most efficient, only in this way can we ensure the safe and efficient delivery of products to customers.

We adopt door-to-door approach, so that buyers can receive our eyelashes without leaving home.

In short, if you choose us as your Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor, we would not let you down!

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