Top 3 Faux Mink Lash Vendors

Today we will show you the top three faux mink lash vendors who supply the best Wholesale Faux Mink Lashes to you guys at a cheap wholesale price,

wish you find your own good Lash Suppliers.

wholesale faux mink lashes vendors
wholesale faux mink lashes vendors

Top 1 Faux Mink Lash Vendor Emma Lashes

Emma Lashes is one of the best Lash Suppliers in the world, we only focus on Luxury Mink Lashes and faux luxury mink lashes,

and today we will show you why so many ladies would like to choose Emma Lashes to be the first Wholesale Lashes Vendor.

Best quality

There are three main reasons that we can produce the best luxury lashes.

High-quality Material

All the luxury lashes are made of good material so that we can produce the best faux mink lashes.

Unique Design

All the luxury mink lashes are designed by our Own Lash Designer,

we do too much eye make beauty data research test from the local market,

we know the beauty of the woman, so we can catch the fashion of the lashes industry.

Factory Price

As you know, all the Faux mink lashes are made by our own skilled worker who worked mare than 10 years,

all of our luxury lashes are made by hand not the machine,

so each lash have a soul when girls apply on the luxury faux mink lashes,

they will love them very much because of the luxury and gorgeous appearance and comfortable wearing experience.

Factory price

if you want to buy the wholesale faux mink lashes, you should find the lashes factory that produces faux mink lashes by themselves,

so that you can get a cheap wholesale price. If you choose Emma Lashes, you can get the cheapest wholesale price,

and you can get enough profits from the lash business,

so a good lash wholesaler is a basic thing if you want to Start a lashes business

Best service

we have our own Service System no matter you are newer in this area, or you have already had your lash business,

we can help you solve all the issues you met in your business. such as:

Design free lashes logo for you

Help you build your website

Design free custom lash packaging for you

Help you build your lashes brand

Supply Professional high-quality Lash photos to you

Three free luxury mink lashes sample

25MM Mink Lashes
25MM Mink Lashes

We supply Three Free Luxury Mink Lashes Sample to you to help you test the quality and lashes style,

all you need to do is just pay for the shipping cost, we do believe you will love our luxury mink lashes,

so that we pay too much money to supply free luxury lashes to our customers,

we believe in our lashes and trust the quality,

so that we send free lashes samples to our customers.

If someone can do the same thing with Emma Lashes, you may meet two issues,

the first one is the lashes is the cheap one,

you will throw it away, and then send one that is the top quality you should try and test.

lash vendors
lash vendors

Efficient Express

All of our parcels are sent by the efficient express, we only choose the best express company to ship the lashes and packaging to our customer.


Most of the customers said they receive the parcel when they open it,

the Lash Packaging is broken by the express company

because the Lash vendor chooses the poor express company.


We did a questionnaire survey that our customers receive the goods much faster than the others,

our customers have already sold them out and made the second order now,

and the other one‘s lashes are still on the way.

Adequate inventory

Most of our lashes distributor order from 20 pairs to 200 pairs one time,

and we do have adequate inventory so that we can ship the lashes within 24 hours,

and we do have enough confidence that we can sell them out and pay too much time and energy to produce them.

Most of the Lash Vendors do not have enough lashes in stock,

they dare not spend too much money and energy to produce Bulk Lashes orders which no one orders them.

This is the difference between Emma Lashes and the other Faux Mink Lash Vendors.

mink lash vendors
mink lash vendors

Top 2 Faux Mink Lash Supplier Sisley Lashes

Sisley Lashes is one of the famous Faux Mink Lash Supplier In The USA who supply cheap wholesale faux mink lashes at a cheap wholesale price.

If you just start your lashes business line,

you can choose Sisley Lashes because they do not have any MOQ limit,

if you can order 10 pairs or 5 pairs and test the market,

they supply the same service as Emma Lashes,

a trustworthy Lashes Manufacturer, they can also help you Build Your Lashes Brand, Do Custom Lash Packaging for you.

Sisley Lashes Vendor
Sisley Lashes Vendor

Top 3 Faux Mink Lash Factory CK Lashes

CK Lashes is a high-quality faux mink lashes factory, based in Qingdao, China. Own 200 workers focus on cheap wholesale faux mink lashes,

if you want to make a bulk lashes order, you can choose CK Lashes, they are Lashes Factory too,

who only do cheap wholesale lashes if you have already had your own lashes business, never miss CK Lashes.

You will find the lashes from CK Lashes factory not only cheap but also good and have too many profits

if you buy Wholesale lashes from CK Lashes.

The more the cheaper, if you have your own Lash Shopor lash business, you can buy lashes from CK Lashes. Besides, CK Lashes is also Lilly Lashes Vendorif you want to succeed as Lilly Lashes, you can choose CK Lashes,

and buy the famous Lilly Lashes style.

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