Kissed Lashes is a trustworthy and comprehensive Mink Lashes Vendors, professional Mink Lashes Vendor, wholesale eyelash factory in china. Kissed Lashes is high-quality Eyelash Vendors and Wholesale 25mm Mink Lashes USA. Kissed Eyelash Vendors has won the trust and support of thousands of 3D Mink Eyelashes and 25mm Mink Lashes Entrepreneur with fast delivery, quality products, and considerate after-sales service.

our eyelashes manufacture

Wholesale Mink Lashes Factory

our eyelashes manufacture

Wholesale 3D Eyelashes Manufacture


our designer Michael

        Michael is very famous in the Chinese fashion industry. The Wholesale Mink Lashes are ergonomic, comfortable and lightlooking. He has been devoting to studying the changes in the market, only in this way can we optimize our Wholesale Mink Strip Eyelashes, so that eyelashes get constant innovation, which makes it easier for people to accept our products.

1.♣ All the products are designed by our own designer

          Designer introduction:  Michael

     ①Most domestic enterprises do not have their own designer. After all, it costs a lot of extra money. But our company has a big advantage here. Michael has 20 years of experience in eyelash design. Michael has created a total of 400 popular, elegant Wholesale Eyelashes at present.

     ②He graduated in applied design with a major in appearance aesthetics. The design was inspired by the appearance and shape of the flowers. According to the structure aesthetics of nature and the combination of western’s face shape and eye shape, he designed the eyelashes to match the different races.

     Every year Michael attends the Fashion show in Paris, France to ensure that our Mink Lashes Wholesale are always at the forefront of fashion, and can keep up with the aesthetics of young people for eve

2.Our workmanship is superb

As professional Eyelashes Suppliersour products are safer than those of other companies. 

②After comparison, you can know that other companies use glue technology to create the 3D effect.

 3D Mink Wholesale Eyelashes is achieved through temperature control. It is common sense that changes in chemical properties are often healthier than changes in physical properties.

Wholesale 3d mink lashes

 ♣3.About Raw Materials

  ①We also strictly pay attention to the selection of raw materials.  In this process, we only choose the hair tip of minks’ fur.

  ②All of our eyelashes are Cruelty-free. Workers carefully pick out the lost fur of baby minks in the spring and fall because the hair in that time is firmer, longer, lighter and shiny.

inner factory

  ♣4.Quality Control : We have strict quality control in every production process.


The first step, when choosing raw materials, we always stick to the principle that “damaged raw materials is waste”. Because of this, we waste a lot of raw materials, so the cost is high.

The second step, eyelash is made when semi-finished product, as long as there is a broken, the whole eyelash will be thrown away.

Thirdly, When the product is fully formed, that is to say, when the product leaves the factory, there is also a strict quality control.

Finally, the product must be carefully and strictly inspected during packaging. 

  ♣5.Team/ Professional Services

 Design Team : We will design Eyelash packaging boxes and logos for you for free. You only need to provide them to us.

  1. brand name
  2. Tell us your ideas aboutthe design, such as the color of the box, the shape of the box, etc., and we’ll convey it to the designer.
  3. Then we will send the 3D design sketch and production drawing to you for your confirmation before production.

Production Team : Our professional production team has a clear division of labor.

  1. The number of people in the factories is 120.
  2. We have skilled workers.  
  3. Production  capacity /Productivity: Each worker can produce about 8-10 pairs of eyelashes per day.
  4. Our eyelashes are all handmade.

Professional Photographer: It takes about 30min-60min to repair a professional picture.

        The production, transportation and receipt of products can be handed over to our after-sales team. If there is any problem about the          damaged goods, the customer only needs to send pictures and videos to us, and we will send them to you in the next order.

Business team : is something that happens in a traditional business. We have special personnel responsible for the storage, packing and                             delivery of our products.

♣6.What can we do for you?


First, We can provide you with the world’s best quality, the latest style, the most cost-effective eyelash products.

Third, we help you start your eyelash business.

Secondly, we can design and produce professional and exquisite eyelash packing boxes for you.

Fourth, we can help you build your own eyelash brand.

7.What can we do for you to build your eyelash brand?

  1. We will design eyelash packaging boxes and logos for you for free. You only need to provide them to us brand name.
  2. Provide website
  3. We will send you pictures of the products and other materials.
  4. SNS, INS, Youtube, Printerst.